Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I have to audition?
A: Our musical director, Alastair Taylor undertakes a small audition with each new member, often prior to a rehearsal. Whilst we appreciate this can be a little daunting, it is good to hear the musical ability of new members and allows Alastair to decide where you would be best placed within the Chorus.

Q: Can I come to a rehearsal before I apply to join?
A: Yes, absolutely. In fact we encourage it, even if you have been to one of our concerts as it is important to see what happens at our rehearsals.

Q: When and where do you rehearse?
A: Our rehearsals are held at Redruth School on the first and third Sundays of each month. They start at 2.30pm and last for 2 hours. 

Q: How much time do I have to commit to the Chorus?
A: As we generally only rehearse twice a month it is really important for everyone if there is full attendance at those rehearsals. Sometimes we will squeeze in an extra rehearsal prior to a concert but as we only organise three concerts a year this is not seen as onerous. On concert days, we ask that chorus members attend the venue early (usually mid p.m.) to have a rehearsal prior to the audience arriving so if you have other work commitments you would need to take this into consideration. We know that our Chorus members have holidays etc and we do try to accommodate those personal commitments; we just ask that you let your section rep know.

Q: What costs are involved?
A: Unlike other choirs we do not charge an annual subscription fee. We do, however, charge a rehearsal fee (currently £3) which helps to cover the cost of the church hire and fees. Once accepted, new chorus members will be offered a starter pack of current music for a reasonable sum plus there will also be a charge for any future sheet music, again to cover our costs.

Q: Is there a uniform?
A: There is a uniform which does have to be purchased prior to participating in a Concert. We do expect a certain standard of dress to reflect the professional status of the Chorus and there is guidance in place with regards to shoes, jewellery etc.