Christmas Concert

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As everyone is aware, our Christmas Concert really is the highlight of our, and we suspect your, annual calendar and a great deal of practice is put into making it a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Sadly this year, due to the Covid 19 virus, our members have not been able to attend any rehearsals so, with great reluctance, the decision has been made to cancel the Christmas Concert in December. The welfare of our chorus members, as well as our ever loyal supporters, is of paramount importance to us which prompted this decision.

For those of you who had purchased tickets for our St Just concert, we had advised you that those tickets could be swapped for the Christmas concert tickets which will not now be an option. However, the two choices now available to you is as follows:

  • Retain your tickets and exchange them for the first concert for 2021 which will be in July at Truro Methodist Church or,
  • You can request a refund from our Treasurer; Alice Allsworth. You must return your tickets to her including full details of your name and address and, upon receipt of the tickets, she will issue a cheque to you. If you choose to request a refund please contact Alice on 07870 676412to obtain further details.

Looking forward, Alastair Taylor, our Musical Director, and the Cornwall Symphony Chorus are excited about our plans including lots of new music which we know everyone will love.

We have sorely missed performing for you all; music is an important part of our lives as I suspect it is for you. However, following this break, we intend to come back stronger than we were before and we look forward to seeing you all again!

Sally Woollacott, Vice Chair

One thought on “Christmas Concert

    Bob bolt said:
    July 27, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    Hi everyone/fellow members so sad that the Christmas concert,and all the other concerts cancelled for the time being.i have never been one to wish my time away, but July 2021 is quite a long time in the future hopefully see you then Bob bolt


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